Using The Digital Garden Builder

Logging In

To log into your digital garden, go to /login, and click the "Login With Github" link.

Writing Notes

Notes are written in markdown.

When you are logged in to your garden, you can click the "edit" link at the top of each note to get to the editor for that note.

Linking Notes

If you want to create a link between notes, use double brackets around that link's slug. For example, if you have a note with the slug "infinite-lumens", you use [[infinite-lumens]].

Issue about improving wikilinks

Saving Your Note

When you are done editing your note, click the "Save" button. Each version of your note is saved in Github.

Create A New Note

To create a new note click the "New Note" button in the top navigation. This will take you to a screen that asks you to give the note a title. Add a title -- you can change it later -- and click the "Create" button. You are now editing your new, empty note.

View Graph Of Note Links

To visualize the relationship of your notes, click the button in the top bar that looks like some inter-connected nodes and has the title "Show Graph Visualization". You can drag the nodes around.

Exporting Notes To WordPress