Digital Garden Builder

A no code, multi-player digital garden builder.

What Is A Digital Garden?

A digital garden is a public notebook you can use to grow your ideas from a seed to a full grown essay. Learn more from by reading the digital-gardens note.

What Is The Digital Garden Builder?

  • Stores your notes
    • Edit in markdown with wiki-style double bracket links between notes.
  • Visualizes the links between them
  • Collaborate with others, track contributions and revisions.
  • Collects tweets, links, quotes and embeds in notes
  • Publish notes, when they are grown.

Plant Your Own Garden

Almost ready.


The goal is to make this a "click buttons, fill out some fields, and you're done setup process." For now, probably don't install this, but see the README for how.

Want To Help?


If you want to help fix an open issue, add a feature, fix a bug or make it look nicer, that is awesome. You can submit a pull request. If you have questions, ask in an issue or @ me on Twitter. Thank you.